Saturday, July 24, 2010

Immunological Health

Immunity, Health, Longevity and Life

These are the things we all value and they are just a few of the terms we associate with an immune system that works, an immune response that's never late and doesn't misfire, a state of immune-readiness constantly prepare to wage a balanced and accurate defense against bodily intruders like germs that make us sick, bacteria that give us infection and viruses that kill.

It's a hostile world. No matter who we are, where we live or what we do, the immune system is our first and last line of defense. No matter the money governments around the world spend on pandemic response strategies. No matter the alleged availability or potency of antibiotics. No matter the research dollars pouring into vaccine development. At the end of the day, one question rises above the rest: How strong is your immune system?

Immune System Basics

Your immune system has three primary functions: first to recognize bodily intruders, second to wage an effective attack and third to remember invaders when they return.

Although this may may not be "news", what hasn't been widely reported is that a molecule called transfer factor (TF) is responsible for storing the information our immune system uses to perform these functions.

Transfer Factor = Immune System "intelligence"

Transfer factor is not a vitamin, mineral or herb, but a molecule that forms the core of your immune system's intelligence network by storing information about previous immune system encounters with bacteria, viruses and the like.

However, studies indicate that transfer factor does much more than simply "remember" our immune system experiences. It also provides strategic information about how to best handle the pathogens we encounter by stimulating NK (natural killer) cell activity.

Similar to the genetic code stored in the DNA molecule, the transfer factor molecule provides your immune system with the information it needs to:

1. Identify a problem,
2. Balance your body's response, and
3. Accelerate positive immune functioning.

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